Chartered Accountants Auckland

Tax Checklist 2020

Stock & Work in Progress 

  • Stock on 31-Mar-20
  • Goods in Transit on 31-Mar-20
  • Work-in-progress on 31-Mar-20
  • Value of work done but not yet billed on 31-Mar-20
  • List of stock taken for own use or given to employees 

Owing & Owed

  • Receivables at 31-Mar-20 (debtor list of what customers owe you)
  • Payables at 31-Mar-20 (creditor list of bills you need to pay)


  • Invoices & settlement statements from lawyers & estate agents
  • Invoices for assets costing more than $500+gst
  • Invoices for repairs & computer costs of more than $500+gst
  • Invoices for prepaid expenses
  • Invoices for customer prepayments & refundable deposits 
  • Invoices for customs & import GST if you need us to check them


  • Bank statement showing the bank balance on 31-Mar-20
  • Business credit card statement showing the balance on 31-Mar-20
  • Paypal statement showing the balance on 31-Mar-20
  • Loan statements from 1-Apr-19 to 31-Mar-20
  • Annual Loan Summary 
  • Statements for new loans, hire-purchases & leases
  • Term deposit statements from 1-Apr-19 to 31-Mar-20
  • Property manager statements from 1-Apr-19 to 31-Mar-20

Tax Certificates

  • Income protection certificate & letter
  • Interest Withholding Tax Certificates
  • Dividend statements
  • Dividend statement from your power company
  • PIE tax statements (including KiwiSaver if your PIR was under 28%)
  • Investment statements (including foreign investments, PIEs & PLEs)
  • Overseas bank statements, superannuation schemes & pension funds
  • Overseas income certificates
  • Foreign superannuation scheme withdrawals or transfers
  • FIF calculations & market values 31-Mar-20
  • Income from boarders, trusts, royalties, honorariums & currency
  • Tax receipts for donations made by your company 
  • Property sale information (IR833) if you received taxable income

IRD returns

  • Fringe Benefit tax returns & calculation sheets 
  • GST return detailed calculations (if not using Xero)


  • Gift Deeds
  • Deeds of Acknowledgement of debt


  • The amount of unbanked sales, petty cash, till float on 31-Mar-20
  • Income or expenses not in your business bank account (cash jobs)
  • Home Office expenses 
  • Home Office percentage of your homes total floor area
  • The percentage you use your vehicle for business (logbook%)
  • The number of days your company vehicle was unavailable
  • Mileage claims – how many business kilometres in your personal car?
  • Mileage claims – is your car petrol, electric or hybrid?
  • The number of personal days taken on business trips?
  • The cost of family travelling with you on business trips
  • Number of days rental-property unavailable, used by you, family, friends
  • Do we need to make any private adjustments? 
  • Foreign currency calculations
  • Optional: 2020 Holiday pay & bonuses paid from 1-Apr-20 to 2-Jun-20

Anything else you need to tell us about?

  • Assets no longer owned, paying off a phone on your monthly bill etc
  • If you want to leave profit in the company, tell us the market rate for your job
  • Anything else we need to know?

Not using Xero?  

  • Email us your TRIAL BALANCE (in both pdf & excel formats)
  • Email us your DETAILED GENERAL LEDGER (pdf + excel)
  • Email us your detailed GST return calculations
  • Bank statements for the full year if you don’t run accounting software

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