Xero prices and plans

Bad news folks!  I guess Xero needs to pay for that flashy new building because we’ve just received word that both standard and premium plans will increase in price by $5 per month, from 28 September 2018.  Standard subscriptions will go up to $60 a month, while premium pricing increases to $75 a month (excluding GST). This pricing includes one active Xero Expenses user with subscribers paying an additional $5 per additional active user. To help keep your price down, we’d discourage you from using Expense claims.




Remember, many of you are still eligible for our 30% discount on Business Edition plans.  This requires us to act as the subscriber with you maintaining your own billing account, only available if payment is on direct debit or credit card, and is subject to a positive credit history with us.  Alternatively, rather than having the Partner act as Subscriber to the subscription, you may act as the Subscriber for Xero Business Edition subscriptions and invite the Partner into that subscription as an invited user (although our discount will not be available to you in this scenario).  The Subscriber to the subscription has the ability to control access rights and may be required to retain ownership of the file for insurance purposes.


Christmas party travel costs

17319360_s jetIs it too early to talk Christmas yet?  Well our good friends at CCH think not and here’s some Q&A’s they’ve put together to answer all your Christmas tax questions.  The first, in the series, is all about claiming travel costs to your firms Christmas party: Continue reading Christmas party travel costs

IRD audits on the rise

18917885_sYou’d be hard pressed finding someone who enjoys an IRD audit but with the risks some people take you’ve got to wonder! One of the riskiest things we see, is business people thinking they (or someone they love) has the knowledge, skill and experience needed to calculate their GST Returns correctly. Very rarely do we find someone getting it right and some accountants are even taking early retirement because the tax laws are now too complex, even for them.  Continue reading IRD audits on the rise

New GST Return in Xero

GST Return for New Zealand from Xero on Vimeo.

Xero changes for ASB credit cards

xero certified advisorSeptember 11 is odd choice of date but it’s the one ASB and Xero have chosen to make changes.  These changes will effect you if you have an ASB business credit card running through your Xero accounting software.

What you need to know:  Continue reading Xero changes for ASB credit cards

Rate your Xero skills here

xero certified advisorSo you think you’re pretty good at Xero?  Find out exactly how good you are by seeing where you fit in below.  This is also an excellent test for recruiting bookkeepers because many we see don’t even pass!

Continue reading Rate your Xero skills here