Family Trusts under fire

016061344Did you happen to notice those sneaky little questions on your Census form about Trusts? It’s a sure sign that the Government is now ramping up its interest in Family Trusts (which you might recall, we predicted over two years ago). So, what does this mean for you? It means getting your Trust paperwork absolutely perfect to ensure that your Trust provides the protection you set it up for. Otherwise, you could be in for a rude (and expensive) shock.  To help you get started, we’ve attached links to some of our most popular articles about running family trusts properly. Enjoy! Continue reading Family Trusts under fire

Can I do my own tax return

8840178_sAnyone can do their own tax return but whether they should is the real question. It’s a bit like that 1980’s advert where two over-sized mice are debating whether they can get the cheese out of a giant mousetrap by themselves. In true kiwi style they decide it’s “worth a crack” and sadly, with a slam of the trap, it’s all over for poor Nigel the mouse.  Having a crack at your own tax return is just the same except you won’t see the traps.  The traps only become visible when you’re audited and by then it’s too late.  Continue reading Can I do my own tax return

Closing a company we wind down for the holidays some of you might be thinking about winding up your business permanently. Whether you’re closing the company because you’ve sold your business for squillions or are off chasing more lucrative opportunities, shutting your company isn’t quite as simple as throwing in your job and strutting out the door. Until it’s closed properly your company is still alive so let’s talk about some ways to get rid of it: Continue reading Closing a company