Ten Tricks for breezing through an IRD audit

A+ on your IRD auditWith the government currently pumping cash into IRD audits it’s what we call AUDIT SEASON so here’s some things you can start doing right now to help you breeze through an IRD audit if you’re ever unlucky enough to be targeted (and if you happen to be wondering why you were targeted then check out our Idiots Guide to getting an audit):

  1. Never ever throw away your bills or invoices and better yet store them in your xero accounting software.  It’s free off-site storage which we absolutely adore.  If that’s too ‘techy’ for you then keep them in a dusty old box somewhere safe for at least 7 years because that’s how long the IRD’s got to get you!
  2. Don’t even bother trying to claim personal things like Continue reading Ten Tricks for breezing through an IRD audit

Idiots Guide to getting an IRD audit

IRD auditIf you’re a bit of an adrenaline junky and looking for a new business thrill then try an IRD audit. Some Inland Revenue audits even come with surprise raids of your home and may involve taking photographic evidence of your knicker drawer as Dragons’ Den star Paul Webb recently found out.  So if for some reason you’re a bit of an idiot and really keen to hit the IRD’s radar then here’s a few things that’ll help you succeed on your mission:

  1. File your returns late or don’t even bother filing them at all.
  2. Don’t pay your PAYE. This is a goody because it makes you look like a real criminal stealing from your staff.
  3. Be nasty to anyone you’ve done ‘cashies‘ with so they’ll dob you in. Continue reading Idiots Guide to getting an IRD audit