2020 Checklist

What a way to end the financial year!  It feels more like the 89th of March, rather than the 31st.  We’re sorry if you haven’t heard from us already but we’ve been overwhelmed with some clients struggling to keep up with booming sales while others are facing the very real pain of not surviving this.  If isolation boredom has kicked in, you might actually be “looking forward to” getting your end-of-year tax records sorted and, if that’s the case, you’ll find a list of what to send us below.  Another boredom buster you should be doing today is writing off your bad debts and doing your stocktake.  If your inventory software isn’t reliable then a physical stocktake should be your first priority when lockdown ends.

Take care & stick together but obviously at a distance!  ❤  [Checklist on Page 2]

Can I do my own tax return

8840178_sAnyone can do their own tax return but whether they should is the real question. It’s a bit like that 1980’s advert where two over-sized mice are debating whether they can get the cheese out of a giant mousetrap by themselves. In true kiwi style they decide it’s “worth a crack” and sadly, with a slam of the trap, it’s all over for poor Nigel the mouse.  Having a crack at your own tax return is just the same except you won’t see the traps.  The traps only become visible when you’re audited and by then it’s too late.  Continue reading Can I do my own tax return

Xero Accountants in Auckland for New Zealand

12796152Smart new virtual accounting means that even though we’re Auckland Accountants we’re also caring for businesses all over New Zealand and Overseas as well.

No matter where you live, we’re dedicated to making your accounting easier, quicker and fun with competive fixed-fees and smart online accounting.  Online accounting is super efficient and because its iPad and iPhone-friendly you can access it anytime from anywhere in the world.  Operating live, in real-time,  eliminates all the infuriating stuff like transferring your file back and forth to your accountant, year-end matching journals and those time wasting upgrades and backups. There’s no more struggling with importing bank statements  as the transactions and foreign currency rates are fed in automatically with the magic of XeroContinue reading Xero Accountants in Auckland for New Zealand