Xero puts prices up

price upThe Chartered Accountants, at Boutique Financial, aren’t at all happy about this (picture wimpy suit-clad versions of The-Hulk in angry mode) but we’ve just found out that Xero is increasing it’s prices yet again!  Fair enough, we all have to make money, but clearly Xero’s business model is volume based and increased turnover should, in theory, be driven by subscriber growth, not price hikes.  That being said, details of Xero’s new prices are shown below and now might be the time to consider downgrading to a cheaper plan:

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What’s the smartest question in business

vectorstock_1055262 bra xsmlI’m no mentalist, that’s for sure, but there’s one question that every so often someone, new to business, asks which fills me with hope. Why? Because that one question is generally a reliable sign they’re going to do well in business. So what is that question?


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Customer refund in xero

urb compCustomer refunds just seems to be one of those things that you don’t do often enough to remember how to do them.  That’s why we’ve created these simple instructions (below), so you can easily refer to them every time you need to enter a customer refund in xero:

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