Property Alert update

nzThe first of October is only days away and (apart from the usual pinch-and-a-punch) things are about to get a whole lot uglier if you buy and sell property regularly. We won’t bore you with the new legislation, which is mind bending and best left to Chartered Accountants, but practically speaking there’s a couple of smart things worth knowing:

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Smart tips for buying a rental property

Rental property accountingIf you’re new to the rental property game then here’s some invaluable tips to get you started on the right foot, get the most tax back and keep your accounting bills down:


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Renting your holiday home tax changes

000020042043“I’ve had a holiday, and I’d like to take it up professionally” so it’s rather cruel that my profession is far more concerned with the tax laws surrounding holiday homes than the actual holiday part.  Moreover, there have been so many changes to the tax laws lately that any decent accountant should be gasping for a holiday by now.

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