How much should I charge?

546883Know that magic feeling that surges through you when you’ve triumphed and done something absolutely brilliant? Well, you’ll get that exact same hit of happiness by creating the perfect pricing strategy for your business because it’ll make your business hum and a humming business means less money worries, more toys and becoming a hero by helping our limping little economy grow.

To get your pricing strategy spot on the first thing you need to do is completely ignore the hourly rate you were paid working for someone else. If you don’t get this out of your head then you might as well stay in a job or you’ll be taking a pay cut because freelance prices need to cover so much more than just your time:   Continue reading How much should I charge?

Starting a new business

BusinessIf you’ve made the exciting decision to go out on your own and take on the business world then congratulations.  We’re thrilled for you but before you mentally launch yourself into the glam world of Corporate Jets and luscious business lunches take a few moments to cram in our five accounting tips for getting your business off to a terrific start: Continue reading Starting a new business