Watch out

design milk kinder group rugHeads up!  If you receive a letter like the one below, please don’t get confused and think it’s from the companies office you normally deal with.  Things like company removals, annual returns and updating your company details are processed by the New Zealand Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment (or Ministry of Economic Development, as they were previously known).  What’s shown below has nothing to do with the government and may even be a scam.  If you accidently reply you may find yourself paying annual fees of $1411 so feel free to thank us for saving you from that one! –  Your favourite Chartered Accountants in Auckland


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Closing a company we wind down for the holidays some of you might be thinking about winding up your business permanently. Whether you’re closing the company because you’ve sold your business for squillions or are off chasing more lucrative opportunities, shutting your company isn’t quite as simple as throwing in your job and strutting out the door. Until it’s closed properly your company is still alive so let’s talk about some ways to get rid of it: Continue reading Closing a company