Good accountants in auckland?

Informtation iconThe simple truth is that you’re unlikely to know if your accountants any good unless you’re able to have a good ‘poke-around-under-the-hood’ with someone who knows what they’re doing. There can be all sorts of nasties going on behind the scenes putting you at risk and unless you’re an expert you’ll be none the wiser. Behind the scenes in the accounting world means the hundreds of pages that a good accountant prepares, to check and verify your accounts, even though you’ll only ever see a handful of them.  Continue reading Good accountants in auckland?

What’s a boutique accounting firm?

Boutique accounting firms are an exciting new development starting to emerge globally. Think of them as the Gordon Ramsey’s of the accounting world (but with a little less tantrum throwing). What makes them different is that they tend to limit their clients to those that align with their specialty. By vetting clients, much like a doorman at an exclusive hotel, you’re guaranteed a more high-end personal experience with a chartered accountant that really cares about your business.

You definitely won’t find a boutique accounting firm sending your work off to be done in India or throwing it to the bottom of the firm to be done by an accountant still wearing learner plates. 


Because it’s a bit trendy to be a boutique firm right now, lots of pretty mediocre firms are masquerading Continue reading What’s a boutique accounting firm?