What’s a good income in Auckland

iStock_000012876208XSmallWhat’s a good income?  It’s all relative isn’t it because once upon a time, twenty cents covered my entire weekly food bill (which consisted of a small white paper bag containing a twenty cent mixture of lollies). These days though, word has it that $250,000 is the new $100,000. Even Comedians are joking about $100,000 being astro-money in Otago but poverty line for Aucklanders. Continue reading What’s a good income in Auckland

Worklife balance nonsense

Exploding wealth mythsThink working harder, being better or cost cutting is all it takes to get rich?  Tell that to the millions of people working 80 hour weeks in the Mumbai slums.

And as for this worklife balance nonsense!  It might’ve worked for generations gone by but it now takes an impressive double income plus debt to have any kind of lifestyle in Auckland. Being one of the worlds most expensive cities, with the average house costing around 7 times the average income, having children is almost in the league of designer luxury for Generation X so how do we get ahead? Continue reading Worklife balance nonsense