Company changes you need to know about

14763324_s (2)We always chuckle at the rumour that goes around about technology replacing Chartered Accountants.  The real truth is that, for every technology advancement or tax simplification measure, good Chartered Accountants just get swamped with even more work.

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Keeping safe with your company

ChecklistThink of us as your Guardian Angels (albeit accounting ones) because right here right now we’re giving you a goodie-bag  crammed full of the things it’s absolutely essential you do for your company to stay safe and avoid getting landed with a penalty, fine or criminal conviction.

Sadly prosecution isn’t reserved for Directors of failed Finance Companies.  Normal Mum and Dad companies get hit too so have a quick check to make sure you’re proudly ticking all these boxes: Continue reading Keeping safe with your company

Annual-returns aren’t Annual-accounts

Boutique Financial Chartered Accountants In Auckland phone 021911313Every now and then we get one of those niggly little calls from someone who’s ridiculously annoyed about their company being struck-off because they haven’t filed their annual return.  Almost always, they’re adamant that they’ve filed the annual return but, when we get to the bottom of it, we generally find that what they’ve actually filed is their annual accounts and not the annual return at all.  Continue reading Annual-returns aren’t Annual-accounts