Helping you find the motivation to pay tax

Okay, we get it.  It’s not easy finding the motivation to pay tax. But if you don’t pay, the motivation is definitely going to find you (as seen in the grisly pic below)!  Apologies for that Dad joke, but please don’t forget to pay today unless you enjoy a good IRD mauling.

Funny pic of bear chasing bike

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Tax reminder

One of our clients recently admitted to letting out a panicked scream when they open our tax reminders. As amusing as that may be, it’s not our intention to scare you. We just want to keep you safe so if being disembowelled by the IRD doesn’t sound like something you’d be into, it’s best you pay your tax today.

The problem with being mortgage free at 40

Rhello over 40’s
This article should really come with an R rating but I’m not entirely sure the R40 has been invented yet. Even the over forties may struggle with this topic because in this torturous Auckland housing market the very idea of being mortgage free at 40 seems more of a myth than a problem. Nonetheless, being mortgage free at 40 comes with its own set of problems:

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Will you be wealthy?

mon man no catThis month we’re discussing wealth because locally there’s a lot of talk about a pensioner who just inherited numerous properties in a very prestigious street.  With no desire to be a geriatric landlord, the properties went on the market only to find they can’t be sold until the will-makers cat dies!

Apart from dreaming about cat-free-inheritances and lottery wins, how much mental time do YOU actually invest in planning your wealth?  If you don’t give it a lot of thought, then I’m sure you have some brilliant excuses  Continue reading Will you be wealthy?

Death by flexi mortgage

13544486_s (2)Flexi loans – they’re a dangerous thing. Banks can’t wait to give them to you all wrapped up in glossy paperwork and touted as the best thing ever. And yes, they are the best thing; the best thing for the bank, not you … unless you’re one of the chosen few with inordinate amounts of willpower and discipline (a financially savvy superstar).

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New Zealand Business Number (NZBN)

New Blog Post Boutique Financial Chartered Accountants AucklandDon’t worry – you don’t have to do anything!  Just be aware that your company is going to be assigned a new number.  This is on top of your existing Company Number and IRD number.  This new number comes as part of a movement towards creating a single register of businesses, so it’s a good thing really.  It’s called a NZBN and although we’re not overly fond of acronyms it’s a few less syllables than it’s full right honorable name of ‘New Zealand Business Number’.  Continue reading New Zealand Business Number (NZBN)