How to add your logo to Xero emails

If you like things to look nice, this one’s for you.  It’s about adding your business logo to emails when you send them directly from your Xero accounting software.  I don’t know about you but I was starting to get little jabs of jealously every time a business emailed me their invoice with their logo right there in the email itself (not just on the invoice).  Being a busy business owner, I’d devoted all of two seconds to ‘making this happen’ before giving up in a huff but with a clearer head this morning I found a few options and this one’s the easiest:


  • Settings (tab at top)
  • General Settings (from the dropdown menu)
  • Invoice Settings (under Features)
  • Upload Logo


And here’s the finished product (with our logo standing proudly above the View-invoice button):

P.S.  If you actually came here trying to find out how to change your email wording, simply click the Settings-Tab and then Email-Settings (down the bottom under Features).

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