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28639284_s (2)Recently we stumbled upon Remuera’s nosey neighbour website and realised that it’s not just house prices people get curious about.  As chartered accountants, we’re constantly asked what people are earning and given our strict confidentiality we’ve mastered the art of answering without answering …. but today we’re giving you some specifics.

Because we see real results everyday it’s easy to forget that other people don’t.  It’s not until we hear someone making the fatal mistake of assuming someone’s “earning heaps” because of a flash new car, boat or bach that we realise just how little true information is out there.  There is of course benchmarking which gives you industry results and personally we find it invaluable knowing what other chartered accountants are earning (talk to us if you’re interested in signing up).  But for a more relaxed approach, and without breaking accountant confidentiality, we can share with you what we and other accountants are currently seeing, in general:


icon dollarIn general the standard income is trending around the $170,000 mark and up into the $200,000’s for self employed business people.


icon personThose business owners are generally in their late thirties and forties, have been in business at least two years (with prior solid industry experience) and are likely to have few staff (if any).


icon heartInterestingly, when the spouse comes on board we’re not seeing the profits double or rise much at all.



vectorstock_39045 smallerBusiness superstars earning $500,000+ are out there but they tend to have at least three staff generating income and are heavily invested in the business.


icon donkeyBusinesses plodding along earning at mininum-wage levels and refusing to change their business model tend to be in the minority.



Please note, that these results are from businesses generally based in Auckland who’ve already completed their 2014 annual accounts indicating high levels of organisation and numbers-focus (factors often linked to success) so the results will change as the year progresses.



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