New Zealand Business Number (NZBN)

New Blog Post Boutique Financial Chartered Accountants AucklandDon’t worry – you don’t have to do anything!  Just be aware that your company is going to be assigned a new number.  This is on top of your existing Company Number and IRD number.  This new number comes as part of a movement towards creating a single register of businesses, so it’s a good thing really.  It’s called a NZBN and although we’re not overly fond of acronyms it’s a few less syllables than it’s full right honorable name of ‘New Zealand Business Number’. 

  • When it’s happening?

.            28 November 2013

  • Who

.            All companies listed on the New Zealand Companies Office

  • What to do

.            Nothing at this stage.  The number is allocated automatically.

  • What happens to my old company number

.            You’ll be able to use your new number (NZBN) interchangeably with your existing company number

  • What the officials say

On 28 November 2013, companies listed with the New Zealand Companies Office (NZCO) will be assigned a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN).

This is the first step towards allocating a NZBN to all businesses in New Zealand, and creating a single searchable public register of businesses. Initially, the introduction of a NZBN will have a limited impact for companies, however, it is intended that the introduction will mean that in the future companies spend less time and effort on government forms and correspondence and more time and effort on business.

Companies will be allocated a NZBN automatically and therefore, do not need to do anything. The number will be available from the company details page for every company from 28 November 2013. From this date, anyone will be able to search the Companies Office Register using either a NZBN or a company number.

Companies Office users will also be able to use their NZBN interchangeably with their company number when interacting with us

Read more about the introduction of the NZBN


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